Zero Waste Otoman

Zero Waste Otoman

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** Made to order **
i have enough stuffing for one ottoman! So if you need one you can choose the colours! 

the Mustard and Grey example is reversible so you can change it whenever you please! 

As a responsible leather designer I have collected all edge trimmings over the years. I never knew what I would turn it into until one day I thought what if I created an Otoman, Footstool, Pouf however you name it and used the trimmings as the stuffing?! Why buy stuffing when you have something that needs a purpose!

So the idea grew, I have used foam trimmings to create the padding Detail for the top and stuffed it with all the scraps from my studio move. 

She still require a wee bit more which is in the works but if you want to put your name on it you are welcome to purchase her in advance! It won’t be long until she is stuffed and ready for a new home. She is pretty heavy but hat means it’s perfect to put your feet up on!