Womens Bespoke Handbags ~ Only One in The World

Thats right - there are no two the same ever! Eekie believes in being unique and individual, she also wants you to smile every time you look inside your bag so her linings are colourful and fun. The attention to detail on these handcrafted items are second to none and you will not find that everywhere.

She dots her i's and crosses her t's in her construction as she wants it to last years and years and be the total opposite of this disposable society we find ourselves in these days.

Our handbags are our most used item of clothing - they go with us everyday, get flung around and overloaded - investing in a great quality leather bag means that you will have it for years and it will continue to look fabulous no matter what you throw at it and if you calculate cost per wear - its really not that bad!

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